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The official flag of Spain.

Here is the official page of Spain led by King Phillipe V. Spain is currently hiring leaders for each high ranking. Remember that being a leader of Spain gives you more power than you'd have if you led a smaller country like Switzerland or whatever else isn't taken. The military is the second strongest to England, but has a lot of viceroys (colonies) to back it up. These include Florida, present-day Mexico, a large part of south American territory, Morocco, The Spanish Maine, and many other small islands.

Government Rankings

  • King - King Phillipe V
  • Prime Minister - Open
  • Heir to the Throne - Open (Has to be my son/daughter)
  • Pope of Catholic Church - Open
  • Chancellor of the Court System - Open
  • Chancellor of Treasury - Open
  • Chancellor of Embassy - Open
  • Duke of the Palace - Open

Military Rankings (Navy)

  • First Sea Lord - Open
  • Second Sea Lord - Open
  • Third Sea Lord - Open
  • Fourth Sea Lord - Open
  • Commander of the Fleet - Open

Military Rankings (Army)

  • First Warlord - Open
  • Second Warlord - Open
  • Third Warlord - Open
  • Fourth Warlord - Open
  • Director of Homeland Security - Open
  • Director of the King's Royal Guard - Open
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