1700'sCountryRP Wiki

Current Year: 1740

(Date System)- Each 5 Months = Year

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Here you may claim a country, rule it, and become a Wiki superpower, Heres the guidelines

1. You have to place a comment below to be added as king of that country

2. The country MUST say open

3. You cannot claim a country when you already have one!

4. When you get your country build a Government Page

5. Build a military page

6. If you don't want a country, try working for one as a possible military commander, or even a Prime Minster

7. Queens- You may also have RP Sons, Wifes, Husband etc.

8. You may choose to be a tyrant or a loyal king

9. Invasions shall be made as a page and the place you are invading ex: "The Invasion Of Naples Italy"

10. You may make alliances with other countries

11. A Major Suggestion is a country home page.

12. Make a RP Name

13. A Page for you!

14. Make up various titles (Ex. Duke Of Whales)

15. Wage war on countries!

16. Make colonies

17. Get government officials

18. Chat in the chat room with other kings, make alliances.

19. Grow rep, get achievments

20. Last but not least... Be active!

Government Links



England- King George Alexander The I (BohemianKing)

France- Ned Daggerkid

Spain- Johnny "Shark" Turner

Russia- Tsar Sirblah

Holy Roman Empire- Open

Ireland- Open

Switzerland- Open

Austria- Open

Prussia- JasonBlade

Hesse- Kassel- Open

Italy- Open

Poland- Open

Greece- Open

Peru- Open

Brazil- Open

Hungary- Open

New Zeland- Open

Australia- Open

Barbary Pirate Kingdom- Open

China- Open

Japan- Open

Persia- Open

Afgan- Open

Portugal- Open

Niger- Open

India- Open

Sweden- Open

Norway- Open

Kalmar Union- Open

Ottoman- Open

Alger- Open

Finland- Open

Serbia- Open

Netherlands- Open

Denmark - Open

Saxony- Open

Belgium- Open

Bohemia- Open

Egypt- Open